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We are HobSurround, a UK based family business specialising in creating handmade bespoke worktop saving solutions. We are proud to bring you an innovative new product, the HobSurround, which has been designed to fit the majority of gas and electric hobs.

The HobSurround adapts for your worktop needs, the customisable ordering options will save you replacing your pre-existing worktop when fitting a new hob, or in the event you have damaged your worktop with scratches or burns around the hob area, saving you time and money.

The HobSurround enhances the look of your worktop, it is easy to keep clean due to its clever design, being a single solid piece of 1.2mm brushed stainless steel, cut to precision with our fiber laser cutter. Our unique design provides additional working surfaces – you no longer need to worry about burning your worktop with hot pans! There is also sufficient space to prepare food and catch spills. See the product page for different options as we have a double sided and single sided protective working surface.

Using our laboratory tested HobSurround glue* you can be assured the HobSurround will stick down to your worktop.

It is simple to install the HobSurround, the hob itself should be fitted by a suitably qualified person, see fitting instructions for more details.

The HobSurround is compatible for both gas and electric hobs and has a certified copy of design registration in England and Europe with patent pending.

*Our HobSurround glue has been tested to 200°C in laboratory conditions

HOB1 square edged double
HOB2 Round edge single


The HobSurround is precision cut by from a single solid piece of 1.2mm brushed stainless steel. Options include square or rounded edges and a single or double protective working surface. See our product page for ordering options.


Place your HobSurround on the worktop, place masking tape around the outside edge of the HobSurround. If your worktop has not already been cut-out ready to receive your hob, you can use the aperture on the HobSurround as a guide for cutting.

You can now remove the HobSurround and set safely aside for now. Using an abrasive cloth/sandpaper, score the surfaces to be glued including the underside of the HobSurround.

Now clean your worktop surface and underside of the HobSurround with a clean dry cloth.

Apply the HobSurround glue to the worktop at 1cm intervals in thin strips to cover the whole of area inside of the masking tape. Keep 1cm clear of the edges. Firmly fix the HobSurround to worktop and press down all edges, working from the edges to the centre.

Remove the masking tape from the external edges and wipe off any surplus glue. A light weight may be placed each side of surround whilst the glue is curing. Leave for at least 24 hours before use. Application temperature must be between +5oC and +40oC.


Will my hob fit the HobSurround?

The HobSurround is available in a large variety of sizes which will the majority of hobs. If you are unsure of the fitting feel free to get in touch.

Has the glue been tested?

Yes the glue has been tested on several surface types and up to 200oC.

Can anybody fit the HobSurround?

The HobSurround can be fitted by anybody, the removal and fitting of the gas or electric hob should be carried a qualified gas fitter/electrician.

Will the HobSurround scratch?

Like all stainless steel it will scratch, but light scratches can be removed using a stainless steel cleaner.

Does the HobSurround stay hot after use?

Yes. If using hot pans, care should be taken until the metal surface has cooled down.

Can I fit a 5 burner hob to the HobSurround?

Sometimes a 5 burner hob can be fitted but it will reduce the working area around the hob, you may need a larger aperture than our standard sizes but feel free to contact us for more advice.

Can I order a larger or smaller HobSurround?

Yes, other sizes are available on request at an additional cost.

Can I get a full refund?

Yes a full refund is available before the HobSurround is fitted. Unfortunately after the HobSurround is glued to the worktop, a refund will no longer be available due to damage which will occur to the worktop and HobSurround.


5% of all profits will be donated to mind

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